FREE Community Calls

Our free monthly community calls are lovely ways of learning how to move through the messy and often emotional process of divorce.

Each month has a specific topic for discussion. The calls are interactive and informative and I'd love to know what topics you'd be interested in.

Study of Spiritual Divorce

The study of Spiritual Divorce is an 8-week online support group where you learn the 7 spiritual laws that my late teacher and friend Debbie Ford writes about in her book.

There is still time to join the group that began January 15th.
Calls are recorded. Send me an email if you wish to participate.

Lazer Strategy Session

Individual coaching sessions are available. We will work on one issue and it will move you forward.

All of my services are designed to help you heal your heart, regain your power, and reinvent yourself.

I would be honored to customize any of my programs to fit your individual needs and I commit to giving you 100%

Online Journal

Our online journal is a way for you to powerfully process your feelings while at the same time shifting your mindset so you can regain your sense of power and purpose around what has happened.

Private Spiritual Divorce Coaching

Use your relationship breakup as a catalyst to become more loving with yourself. In this 3-month proven private coaching process, you will learn the keys to having successful relationships while becoming more loving with yourself.

Additional Opportunities

Various group and individual coaching is available.
• Self-esteem and confidence
• Self-study coaching programs
• VIP Whole Life Makeover 9-program to reinvent your life at the highest level.

Reclaim Yourself Now!

I’m here to support you in the sacred process of coming back to yourself and reinventing your life from the inside out!  I commit to holding your hand and your heart as we navigate this messy process together.

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