Afraid to Start Over?

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• Reconnect with your juiciness
• Set healthy boundaries
• Regain your confidence & self-esteem
• Take your self care seriously

Worried About the Impact?

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• Lesson the trauma to your kids
• Learn new ways of relating to your ex.
• Forgive and move on.
• Manage your volatile emotions.

I Will Help you Thrive!

Marci Shimoff 2012 photo[9] • Figure out your finances
• Step into a new career
• Create a plan for your future

Is This You?  Call 415-456-4708

You know it isn’t working and think, “Enough is Enough!  I need help!

Parents Arguing 200 x 133So much in your life is working.  You’re successful and most is going as  planned.  You have a financially stable career, your family is supportive and caring, and you have great friends.  But you’re not happy!

You need an expert to guide you to make lasting change!

I supported many women who needed the confidence to know they were making the right decision.  After working with me, some left their relationships and others reinvented them becoming blissfully happy.  I’ll support you in finding your way, not only in your current relationship challenges, but in your personal quest for happiness and fulfillment.

If this is you – Let’s talk…

• You want to let go of shame & guilt to live an unabashedly authentic life!

• You need to know that you are making the right choices!

• You’ve lost touch with parts of yourself and want them back!

Quick fixes only prolong suffering.  It takes time to change your habits in relationship and together we will create a plan that guarantees success.  I’ll hold your hand and your heart until you get the results you want.


Shattered Dreams?

• Maybe you had a great relationship, but feel unable to get the magic back.

• Maybe you gave your best, but were betrayed and left for a younger woman.

• Maybe you gave yourself away and your anger and resentment is eating you alive.

• Maybe you focused on your career and never had the chance to create the dream in the first place and now you feel time is running out.

Or maybe you long for the peace of mind that allows you to move forward with your life and the confidence that you’re going to be okay  - no matter what!

You’re NOT alone!  Your urgent desire for things to be radically different than they are is similar to  thousands of women just like you.

I’ve worked with many women who have settled for less or in one way or another given themselves away.  You’re really not alone if you feel depressed and hopeless and afraid of the unknown.  I’ve helped hundreds of women find their inner-strength to reclaim themselves and reinvent their lives to move on and I will help you too!  I’ll be in it with you providing the perfect balance of non-judgment, compassion, and kickass accountability to help you make the changes that will naturally lead to happiness.



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