The Law of Divine Guidance

The Law of Divine Guidance says that you can trust the flow of your life.  Whatever religion you practice will be honored and respected.  I’ll support you in using whatever Divine Guidance you choose to help you find your own answers.

Learning how to access your own inner-wisdom will be key to integrating The Law of Divine Guidance.  Your internal world is a safe place for your Divine Guidance to make itself known to you.  In this process of healing your heart, I will guide you weekly into your internal world to access this wisdom.

RESOURCE – Eckhart Tolle — A New Earth

Maybe you watched the Oprah webcasts.  I found the series very powerful and resonating.  Give it a try.

Meditation is a powerful tool to use to connect with your inner-wisdom.

Share with me how you connect with your inner-wisdom.  In this short video, Deepak Chopra talks about how to meditate.  This is a tool I like to use to connect with my Divine Guidance.

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