Love or Fear – You Choose!

There are ONLY 2 choices!  Love or Fear!

When you think about all the choices you’ve made…. really think about them – where did they originate from?  The default mode for many people is to choose from FEAR.  

  • Choosing from fear looks like staying in a relationship past its expiration date or not getting into a relationship because you might get hurt.  
  • Choosing from fear looks like staying in a deadened job instead of going for your dream career.
  • Choosing from fear looks like keeping your mouth shut when you know you have something valuable to say – or just something to say.
  • Choosing from love is saying I love you first – even if you’re afraid you won’t hear it back.  
  • Choosing from love is following your heart instead of some made up reality of the future that you have no idea will manifest.  
  • Choosing from love is preparing yourself for your dream career even if you may never get there.  
  • Choosing from love is keeping your heart open and not twisting what people say and do into something that disempowers you.

Jim Carrey’s Take on Choosing Jim Carrey’s inspirational message reminds us who we are and what really matters.  I couldn’t agree more with Jim’s wisdom when he says that the “effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is….[and in the end] all that will be left of you is what was in your heart.”

When you think of yourself, what is in your heart?  Do you love yourself?  Do you feel you deserve compassion and connection and love?  Are you living your life from love or fear?  Have you put your faith in your fears?

Nothing, and I mean nothing has happened TO you! All of life is really happening FOR you!  I’ve said this many times.  Jim says it here in his beautiful way. How to choose Love! Our lives are filled with circumstances… with events… with situations… with happenings that we apply meaning to. 

We collect evidence to be right about whatever we believe about ourselves, our lives, or our possibilities for our futures.  This evidence limits us keeping us locked into our fears of not being enough or never being happy or getting what we want out of life.  

Let go of the evidence.

Be in the present moment with what is right in front of you – not in the past or future, but right now!   Whenever you’re faced with a decision, ask yourself this important question:  

Is this an act (or thought or words) of love or an act of fear?  

Really listen for the answer.  Take some time to write down what you imagine will happen if you take the action and why you’re making the choice. Before working with me, my clients make choices to protect themselves because they don’t want to hurt.  But this choice is fear based and won’t ever get them the love they want.  You actually have to open your heart to have love in your life.  Yes, even if you’ve been hurt! If you’re ready to learn how to choose from love, I’m here to be your guide!