How it works:

Classes are offered a few times per year and are purposefully kept small for maximum interaction and collaborative support.  You can choose to participate live or you can purchase the recordings.

Healing through Community

It is a very empowering and healing experience to come together in mutual support of each others healing and empowerment.  Simply listening to the recordings will give you a sense of connection and compassion for yourself and others that is really needed in order to heal your heart.  Many of the women going through this 8-week study have stayed in contact with each other and have become friends.

You can participate in this online study of Spiritual Divorce alone or as an adjunct to private coaching.  The group learning environment is extremely powerful and life changing.  Being in community has an added benefit of helping you to:

  • Stop judging yourself
  • Positively acknowledge and validate your experience
  • Receive and give support
  • Laugh at yourself! (so important)
  • Experience ease in future relationships
  • Release anger and resentment

8-Week Support Group

It is common to feel alone and unique in a situation involving loss and heartache. Circumstances may be unique, but the feelings we have when going through a breakup are universal.  You will realize you aren’t alone as you listen to other women’s experiences.  While learning transformational concepts, you will discover an inner strength that allows you to both give and receive support from members of our community in this group study of Spiritual Divorce.  

Similar to Spiritual Divorce private coaching, you will learn basic relationship skills that improve all your relationship while honoring your own experience.

During this 8-week study of Spiritual Divorce, you will:

      • Experience a deeper level of understanding of your emotions
      • Learn relationship skills that end suffering
      • Stop giving away your power to things you have no control over 
      • Start seeing the light coming back
      • Connect with your own compassion and self-love

If you’re dealing with the pain from your breakup, learn how to:

      • Recognize and heal the pain in your heart
      • Minimize the emotional impact of your divorce
      • Create more ease in future interactions with your ex
      • Reclaim those parts of yourself you’ve lost touch with
      • Release yourself from anger and resentment

The universal laws that Debbie Ford writes about in Spiritual Divorce has helped thousands of people experience new levels of freedom and joy, and they can help you too.

The 7-Spiritual Laws we will study are:

      • Law of Acceptance
      • Law of Surrender
      • Law of Divine Guidance
      • Law of Responsibility
      • Law of Choice
      • Law of Forgiveness
      • Law of Creation

This interactive study of Spiritual Divorce will provide invaluable information helping you heal your heart, regain your power, and create the life you’ve always wanted.  To participate, you will need to purchase Spiritual Divorce, by Debbie Ford.

Current classes are full and are offered quarterly.  Send an email to Leila to get on the waitlist for the next class.
Includes a private 30 minute kickoff session and a 30 minutes integration session.
Have questions?  Call Leila at 415-456-4708.

Group Study of Spiritual Divorce