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Love or Fear – You Choose!

There are ONLY 2 choices!  Love or Fear! When you think about all the choices you’ve made…. really think about them – where did they originate from?  The default mode for many people is to choose from FEAR.   Choosing from fear looks like staying in a relationship past its expiration date or not getting […]

How to be Happy after Divorce

You Really Can Be Happy After Divorce I was in a 23-year relationship and most of what I remember is how much I cried and wanted it to be different.  I just knew that if he would change then I would be happy and until then, I was doomed to misery.  I stayed….hoping and wishing….and crying.  […]

Misplaced Trust and why we don’t trust

The Pain of Betrayal can Cause us to Never Trust Again Have you been deeply hurt by someone you completely trusted?  In the midst of the betrayal did you make a commitment to never trust again? A client’s story…. In her eighteenth year of marriage, Linda had a strange feeling that her husband was cheating […]

The Top 3 Ways to Regain Your Self-Confidence

Regain Your Self Confidence After Divorce A ROSE DOES NOT “THINK” TO BLOOM – IT JUST DOES! Nature doesn’t need to think about living after a storm, it just lives.  It drinks the rain in and bows to God in gratitude. As humans, we need confidence that we can move beyond our painful experiences. However, […]

The ABC’s of Breaking Up

Don’t worry…. you can’t do it wrong! Breaking up can feel like a tornado that tears your heart apart.  Getting lost in the turmoil is par for course and I want you to know that you will be okay – it takes time!  When you’re in the middle of it, hearing that it just takes […]

3 Things you Must do to Save Your Marriage

“I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME!” And there lies the problem… you weren’t thinking!  No-one does! When you got married, I know you weren’t thinking about what you needed to do to keep your marriage strong.  Your connection came naturally and you enjoyed your time together.  You looked forward to the weekends and […]

Are you Staying Married for the Kids?

Busting three myths about Divorce & Kids!If you think it’s noble to stay married for the kids, then think again!  I’m going to give you my take on what happens when you sacrifice your own happiness for the kids.  Let me tell you, I did it too!   So I know you have really good […]

8 Things you Won’t Want to Hear (But Need to Hear) During Divorce

I’m so sorry you’re hurting!Breaking up is painful for everyone and I’m going to tell you something that you might not want to hear. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER I know that lies, betrayal, abandonment are all real circumstances that can leave you feeling like crap.  I know that you have a grieving process that […]

International Child-Centered Divorce Conference

Start at 18 minutes to listen to my friend, Rosalind Sedacca, the Voice of Child-Centered Divorce. Here is a great resource to help tell the kids!  Rosalind wrote this book and it comes with a personalized book to help normalize your experience for your children.  There are versions for younger children and for teens.  I […]