Coaching Transformed Us!

We’d done marriage counseling in the past.  It didn’t really help. In the end, we had the same questions and same issues.  Leila’s coaching, on the other hand, has completely transformed us. She helped us when we were up against a wall. ~ Jeff

Working with Leila gave me a sense of direction and clarity with the things that were preventing me to be close to my husband. It’s hard work, but there is something about this coaching process that created an actual movement and change out of the issues instead of just talking about them.” ~ Janet

Dr. Miko Rose

The first session completely changed my life!

I started the breakthrough session thinking we would talk about my goals. Instead, I ended up sharing some of my most painful and difficult life experiences, all in a matter of minutes. Not only did Leila hone in intuitively on the areas that I was blocked in–she showed me how my greatest grief and trauma can be turned into gifts I can share with the world.  Leila guided me into lifting years of intense grief and pain. As a physician, (and scientist by nature), I could not have imagined this was possible.

Dr. Miko RoseResident Physician
American Psychiatric Association
SAMHSA Minority Leadership Fellow
Elizabeth, B., Kansas

Thanks to Leila, I now have the confidence!

My future is compelling and I have the confidence that there is nothing I can’t move through. Instead of watching my life happen and then reacting to it, I’m now participating in my life.

Instead of turning a situation into a new drama for which I need to come up with an elaborate rescue plan, I am now clear in my direction.”

Elizabeth, B., KansasConnecticut

With Leila’s help, I was able to navigate hidden patterns in my life and uncover ways I undermined my own efforts.

I evolved into who I really wanted to be and created a life that reflects my deepest values.  I recommend Leila to anyone seeking to redesign and re-invision their lives into honest and empowered ways.

Tina Kai

I feel so much better after working with Leila.  I was feeling depressed and beaten down with all that has been going on in my life.  I felt I was not getting anywhere with my job search and was unable to deal with how uncomfortable I felt.

Leila’s suggestions on how to deal with these issues and how to set boundaries are amazing.  Under normal circumstances I could have come up with this on my own, but I was so deep in the dark cloud that I couldn’t see the silver lining without the huge boost Leila provided.

I especially liked how Leila asked questions in such a way that I was able to connect with my deepest truths.  Her insights opened my eyes enabling me to become aware of the changed I needed to make.

I am now confident that I can stand up for myself in a way that does not lower myself to an unprofessional level.  Today, I know I deserve respect and I can set boundaries that empower me.  I cannot thank Leila enough!  I’m looking forward to our continued work together.

Corinne, B.
Deb Leoni

I don’t know what I would have done without your support!

Thank you, Leila for the incredible support you have given me. I can’t imagine where I’d be without you going through this process.
Now I have a great career and I’m happier than I ever thought possible. Leila is ruthlessly compassionate, present, and trustworthy. She’s an ass-kicker, and does it all with love. What a blessing she’s been.

Deb LeoniIllinois
Rhonda Belois

Thank you for helping me create a new life filled with passion and purpose!

Being a therapist myself, I have been privileged to have access to powerful teachings.  The coaching I received from Leila Reyes has been the most impactful, thought-provoking, and measurable

Leila drills down to the issues at hand, with such precision, that it’s initially almost undetectable.

She is highly-skilled at tapping into her intuition, and has deep wells of her compassion that empower you through her coaching process.

She is an experience of unwavering love and commitment. Leila will awaken, excite and ignite in you a passion for your own Life.  She will WOW you.

Rhonda BeloisCanada

My life completely shifted!

My client, Wendy is an incredible example of willingness.  She showed up willing to heal, willing to trust, willing to surrender, willing to not know, and willing to be wrong about everything she knew about her story.  She came out the other side a powerful survivor of a tragic loss that took her husband long before one would ever expect.  Here’s her story:

After the tragic loss of my soul mate, the pain and guilt was too much to bear.  I woke up and performed my life’s tasks, but I was disengaged from life, vowing to never allow life to hurt me that way again.  I was incapable of making the simplest of relationships work much less the difficult ones like three growing boys struggling to understand why their dad had been taken.

My mom, “an out of the box thinker,” suggested I talk to Leila and I called.

I truly believe God knew I had hit rock bottom and I was walking a dangerous line to a place that would only lead my family to further heartache.  Through the four months I worked with Leila my life has completely shifted.  Where there was pain, frustration, loneliness, and guilt, there is peace, love, acceptance, and sheer joy.

Wendy M., CaliforniaSurviving the death of a beloved spouse