Regardless of your situation, I know this is a tough time for you!

I also know you need a safe place to talk about what you’re going through.Time and time again, my clients come to me with the same emotions you may currently be feeling; however, they leave our coaching session feeling:

  • More hope for their future
  • More confident in their decisions
  • Deeply listened to and understood
  • Relief from the emotional pain they are experiencing

The best news?  There is a clear pathway, amidst all of your emotional turmoil and cloudy thoughts.  Working with me shows you how to trust yourself again, so that you can make the best decisions for you.  One of the methods we may use is called Spiritual Divorce, and there are many other tools and processes we can use together as well.  In other words, you no longer have to navigate this messy process alone.

Our Work Together

If you need someone to talk to, someone who can listen with compassion and support, someone who can guide you to clearly find answers that will for work you, I invite you to schedule a session with me today.  I will help you make decisions that are right for you and honor your deepest values.

In our coaching sessions:

  • I will guide you in setting an intention for our session.
  • I will help you find clarity
  • Feel deeply heard, understood, and validated
  • Find clarity in the decisions you want to make
  • Gain clarity on your next essential step
  • Feel calmer and more hopeful for your future
  • Replace self-judgment with self-compassion

Is this you?

  • Are you going through a breakup and feel the pain will never end?
  • Does the idea of starting over scare you?
  • Are you worried about the impact divorce will have on your children?
  • Are you overwhelmed by your emotions?
  • Do you feel lost and confused?
  • Do you feel shame and guilt over your situation?
  • Do you want to make sure you’ve done everything you possibly can to save your relationship before deciding to end it?

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Are you Contemplating a Divorce?

During this stage it is very common to have a lot of fear about your future.  If you are the one deciding to leave the relationship, you may be experiencing guilt about the impact your decision will have on the people you love and care about.  You may be concerned about finances and how everything is going to work out.

You may be thinking that you can’t or shouldn’t work with me because you really don’t want a divorce.  I help many of my clients save their marriages.  The work we do together gives you new skills and tools to you in all your relationships – present and future!  Once you have access to these tools you will be able to relate to your partner differently – this alone can save your marriage.  When you change, so does your partner.  Whatever you decide to do, the end result is ensuring that you are confident in living with the choices you make.

While this stage of the breakup process comes with common challenges your situation is unique.  I am here to help you be gentle with yourself as you take the steps that are most right for you.  I help you step out of victimization and into a new empowered story.    You will finally experience having someone who is on your side who is compassionate and non-judgmental, yet holds you lovingly accountable for reinventing your life from the inside out.

Are You In the Middle of a Breakup?

During this stage you are making a lot of decisions and changes.  Whether you are still living with your partner or living separately, you are in the process of re-defining yourself as a single person.  Learning to manage your emotions as you interact with your ex can be a difficult and draining process.

If you have children, you will be working out parenting schedules, custody arrangements, and may experience much conflict and frustration.  Communicaiton is likely to be challenging as you negotiate necessary changes form a variety of perspectives.

I will support you throughout this process.  I will lovingly hold your hand every step of the way and you can count on me to hold a safe place — just for you — without judging you.  I will also support you in making  informed choices that align with your values.

Are You Reinventing Yourself After a Breakup?

During this stage, you are continuing to grow, create, and integrate what you have learning during your breakup.  You now have the opportunity to experience the benefits of your breakup as you fully unleash your strength and capacity for self-care and compassion.  Your confidence is growing and you are starting to experience yourself as a more empowered and capable person as you step into a new sense of mastery over your life.

You are continuing to learn about yourself and what you need to be happy. You are taking new risks and trying new things and are starting to see new possibilities that you didn’t know were there.  You are starting to feel excited about your future.  While continuing to reinvent your life, you may even be ready for a new relationship.

During this part of your evolutionary process, I help you release any anger or resentment you may still have.  We work together to open your heart again, and I will support you in setting effective boundaries.  This is an important part of your healing so you do not find yourself repeating relationship patterns you may have grown accustomed to.  We work together to completely transform the way you enter into relationship – with yourself and with others.  You will find yourself smiling and happy again and grateful for the growth you’ve experienced.